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Carpenters in Islington offer creative solutions for London's homes and businesses

You can rely on TFB Property Maintenance to provide inspired carpentry solutions and hard-wearing furniture designs that will work well with your existing home design. Whether you need help with fixing a broken cabinet door or you want us to create a whole range of new kitchen cabinets, we have it all covered.

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External Carpentry

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Internal Carpentry

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Building flat-pack

Carpenters North London

The TFB team are based in Islington, but we cover the whole of London, north of the River Thames. We can come to you with our bespoke carpentry services if you are based in North London, Central London, East London and West London.

Whatever your project we can provide you with:

  • Carpenters in Brent
  • Carpenters in Camden
  • Carpenters in Ealing
  • Carpenters in Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Carpenters in Finchley

…and many other places across London.

Our London carpentry services include:

Kitchen fitting
Doors and door frames fitted
Cupboards and furniture tailor made
Flat pack furniture assembled
Skirting boards made to measure
Click flooring laid
Engineered flooring laid
Solid wood flooring laid

Kitchen fitting
Are you planning a kitchen refurbishment? Or do you just need to renovate aspects of it? TFB Property Maintenance can help with all your needs from assembling kitchens to fitting units, hanging cupboards and installing appliances.

Doors and door frames
Often when people modernise a property, one thing that can date its look is the style of doors and door frames. If you want new doors with matching door frames, let TFB’s carpenters in Islington help you by replacing the interior doors, door frames and architraves with a modern twist.

Cupboards and shelves
If you have an alcove in your room and want to utilise the space to gain maximum storage, give TFB a call. We will come and assess the space and offer ideas on how you can make the most of it by adding bespoke cupboards and/or made to measure shelves. Our carpenters in London love these bespoke projects.

Flat pack furniture
Buying flat pack furniture can often cause major headaches and sometimes arguments between family members. Don’t get worked up, instead give TFB a call and we will happily and calmly assemble your furniture. We promise not to have random pieces left over either!

Skirting boards
Did you know that skirting boards were originally invented as a way of achieving a neat stop edge of plaster at the bottom of the wall? Because it was difficult to achieve a clean finish with wet plaster at the bottom of a wall, skirting boards allowed the gap to be covered in an attractive way. These days, they continue to add character to the room and come in many different designs. Whether painted, stained or varnished, we can help install skirting boards to your room.

Click flooring
If you want a laminate floor fitted, we are able to install click (or lock) flooring in the area of your choosing. Each board is clicked, snapped or locked together to secure them in place. Call the TFB team to help install this into your home or business.

Engineered wood flooring
Engineered wood flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. It is made up of layers and layers of plywood that are bonded together before being topped off with a solid wood top layer. It doesn’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood, which means that it’s safe to lay in environments where solid wood would risk damage, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you are looking for professional tradesman who can install engineered wood flooring, call TFB.

Solid wood flooring
A solid hardwood floor is quite simply flooring manufactured from one single piece of wood. TFB are experienced in installing solid wood floors, so if you need help with your room, look no further.

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North London Carpentry and joinery work


  • Decking
  • Garage doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Timber frames
  • Wooden windows


  • Architrave
  • Banisters
  • Bookcases
  • Built-in and fitted furniture
  • Fitted bedrooms
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Handrails
  • Interior doors
  • Radiator boxes
  • Radiator covers
  • Spindles
  • Staircase joinery
  • Staircases
  • Under-stairs storage
  • Wall paneling
For any other carpentry or wood-finish job, get in touch today.

Whatever your carpentry need – big or small…we can do it!
​If you have any carpentry questions, do not hesitate to give us a call on 07801 386 583.

Carpentry prices for London
Give TFB a call and we would be happy to assess your project and follow up with a carpentry quote.